Kia ora and welcome to MyBlueprint Lessons!

This site is about providing teachers with free, engaging material for their Academic Mentoring/Coaching classes or form time.
The idea came about because we realised that we were all sitting in our individual classrooms across different schools, searching for engaging, relevant material for our students. So, we sat down and worked out how we could make it much easier for everyone and came up with the concept of MyBlueprint Lessons.
Our key focus is to help students realise their potential and find their passion. The lessons are based around short video clips and focus on eliciting rich discussion. All you need to do is have a look over the slides before the session and when you get to your classroom, press play.
This is a bit of a trial for us so we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about how we can improve, what worked and what didn’t etc, so don’t be shy!